I love getting feedback from my customers - here are some extracts from just a few of them.

I wanted to express my gratitude for the scarf I bought and presented to my wife on her birthday evening and thank you for the gift wrapping. The scarf itself is an absolutely beautiful piece; I am going to open and honest to state I was a little apprehensive prior to choosing/ordering, as my wife has a very good 'eye for quality' that makes it usually impossible for me to compare with and get right without her input upfront, but she was delighted to receive a very unique and quality item.

Purdeep Bains

I asked Barinder Gahir, textile designer, to design a scarf for my wife Anne.

We discussed the pattern and style. Barinder asked about colours. I was able to say teal green, blue and yellow are her favourites. Within 4 days the scarf was delivered to my office in Antenna.

Anne is thrilled to pieces and so am I. Barinder is creative, understanding and easy to do business with.

Mike Sylvester

Sylvester Associates

When my daughter, Emily, wanted to get her mum a special present for helping with homework during the school year, I thought what could be better than a personal, bespoke item that she designed with your guidance?

Both were absolutely delighted, and Katrine (mum) has said:

“I was speechless and emotional to receive such amazing unique gifts.  To have Emily’s wonderful artwork on something I can wear and proudly show off is incredibly special and I will treasure these gifts for a lifetime”.

Emily said:

“I really enjoyed working with Barinder to turn my art into a gorgeous bag and scarf. Thank you for taking my opinions into account.  It was lovely to work with you and the outcome was spectacular! I look forward to working with you again”.

Thank you, Barinder – very satisfied customers.

Simon Clark

Veracity Financial Planning

I am absolutely delighted with the service Barinder Designs has provided and how quickly Barinder turned around an idea to fruition.

I exhibit at several wedding fairs a year as well as have consultations with potential clients, suppliers and venues.  I wanted a way to promote my business, Oehlers Photography, visually but subtly so when I chatted with the then name of my business would be present.

I came up with the idea of having my logo on a scarf.  Barinder sat down with me and went through several ideas of how it could be done.  My design was very symmetrical but she adapted it so that the logo was dotted in a random pattern, which looked my more appealing and relaxed. After the design was agreed, Barinder took it to her printer and within a couple of weeks I had the scarf posted to me.

I wear the scarf to all of my business consultations and fairs.  It has been admired by everyone.  I have been promoting Barinder and so far, there has been quite a lot of interest so, hopefully, there will be more orders in the near future.

Cathy Higgins

Oehlers Photography

My name is Ali West and I run a busy personal training business in Nottingham.

After seeing one of Barinder’s design work I approached her to see if she could design and paint me a canvas with the flower of life symbol.  Barinder had never seen or heard of the flower of life, but once I showed her a picture she was confident that she could deliver a beautiful canvas, with the design I wanted.

Not only did Barinder design and paint an amazing canvas for me, she kept me updated on her progress throughout the process, regularly asking me if I was happy with the work and if she needed to make any adjustments.  She delivered my beautiful piece of work to me which now has a special place in my home.

I would highly recommend Barinder if you want a bespoke item that is special and unique.

Thanks so much for your help and keep up the good work.

Yours in health,

Ali West

Owner of AW Personal Training

I am writing this testimonial to let you know how much I appreciated the outstanding customer service you provided me.

More recently due to my poor planning, I had forgotten to get my Aunty a gift for her birthday.  I asked Barinder if she had any sample scarves with her, so I could to the typical thing and just purchase one.

Barinder didn’t have any samples on her, however she used the opportunity to explain about the different scarves she did have available and more importantly asked me what style my Aunt wanted, asked what colours, what patterns and what she may be wearing it with, etc.

Once a decision was made, Barinder agreed to collect the scarf and deliver it to me, perfectly gift-wrapped and with a card as it was my Aunt’s birthday that day.

I have to say the packaging and card was much more than I expected and clearly outlined the quality and standard Barinder works to.

My Aunt could not thank me enough and described the scarf as being fantastic, she made reference to the unique design and the quality of the material – especially the touch and feel on her neck.

I would highly recommend Barinder’s scarves and unique designs, many, many thanks.

Garry Chulan

Legal Consultant

I now have a small collection of silk scarves from Barinder Gahir and for me each is as uniquely designed as it is beautiful. I feel the quality of the fabric and care in the finish as soon as I wear any of the scarves. They are truly exquisite with whatever outfit, whether formally, for work or more casually. I look forward to the next collection from this very talented designer.  

Rajinder Kaur

When you order an item from Barinder you know you are going to get something unique. In the last few months she has made scarves for my mum and sister, designed specifically for them. She used her own designs and adapted the colour scheme so they were perfect for each person. The scarves were absolutely beautiful. Similarly, I asked her for a scarf design that would match a jacket and dress that I wear and was equally thrilled. She has a great eye for colour and everything is produced in an excellent quality silk. A very special gift, worth every penny. I would recommend her without any hesitation whatsoever.

Anne Abba

Speak Confidently

Earlier this year I wanted to give my mother-in-law a unique birthday present. I had been on holiday to France and had taken some abstract photographs of flowers in Monet’s Garden and wanted to do something with the tulip montage I had created in camera.

After listening to Barinder’s 60 second presentations about her business and how she transformed her own photographs on the computer to create beautiful patterns to be printed onto her textile products such as scarves, handbags and lampshades, I decided I would ask Barinder if she could do something with my tulip montage.

Barinder took on the project with enthusiasm. I decided that I would like a scarf.  We had several consultations over different ideas and how Barinder was going to approach the design. I wanted the background to be blue rather than yellow to match my mother-in-law’s eyes. Barinder produced a couple of designs for me to look at and was always attentive to my ideas. She came up with a design which took my breath away.  It was much, much better than I had expected. As well as capturing the tulips in my photograph she has also put her take of the design by using outlines and creating white silhouettes of the tulips that enhanced the feel of the pattern. Everything was done through liaising with each other. I could see how passionate Barinder is about her business as she wanted to get everything just right.

To top it all she placed it in a lovely presentation box with tissue paper, which added to the special gift.

The whole process was an enjoyable experience and an eye opener to how creative and unique and talented Barinder is. So, if you want to get a unique, beautiful gift for someone special I would highly recommend going to Barinder.

A few days later I gave the gift to my mother-in-law. She was absolutely over the moon and couldn’t stop saying how beautiful the scarf was. The blue matched the colour of her eyes and the top she chose to wear with it. Overall a very happy, contented birthday girl. Thank you Barinder.

Cathy Higgins

Oehlers Photography