I have asked myself this question so many times but I still don’t know exactly what the answer is.

Are you compelled to do anything? Is there something that you must absolutely do apart from meeting your basic needs such as food, clothing, having a roof over your head and loving relationships of course?


So once these needs have been taken care of, what is it that makes you feel alive? What is it that brings joy and happiness to your life? On Maslow’s triangle, self-actualisation, meaning achieving your full potential is right up there at the top!

What is it for you that is so intrinsic and in your blood that you must do it?

Well, for me it is being creative! Whether this takes the form of painting a beautiful canvas or designing a print for a scarf, it makes me feel complete. It connects me to who I am.

For me it’s as if time stands still.

Sometimes I can be working on a design for hours, if not days then suddenly it will just feel right and I know that it is done. For me it is the best state to be in and that’s when work does not ever feel like work.  

I do think the fact that working as an accountant for many years has led to this compulsion! My creativity was definitely suppressed and thus the more logical and analytical side of my brain was in charge.

However, when I started my creative path that part of my brain was finally let loose! Freed at last to create!

So what is it that you feel compelled to do? What is the one thing that every cell in your body is crying out for you to achieve?

In truth, I feel it is that emotional connection, insight and total self-awareness that will allow you to answer this question. So delve deep, close your eyes and sit quietly in silence and then ask your heart and soul what it is that you truly desire to do.

You might question, “ Why can’t I just be myself”? Personally, I feel that there is something missing in my life when I am not creating and that I have not done what I was put on this planet to do. Creating is part of me and brings me joy and happiness and I sincerely hope that I can bring the same to whoever wears my scarves or owns one of my canvases.

It will take courage to do and you might not initially know how to make it happen. Your analytical and logical mind might come up with many excuses as to why you cannot pursue your desires but I would ask you to have faith and be brave and allow yourself to be compelled!

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